BVH explores design in many forms - from property styling and custom interiors, to woodworking, gardening and the culinary arts.



A Brief History

My adventure began when we purchased our first home. The house had seen better days but I knew the bones were great & immediately envisioned what it could look like with a little bit of elbow grease & some know-how. During this process I discovered several things - creating & helping spaces function to the best of their ability was a path I came to love. If I didn’t know how to accomplish something I would learn how. My quest for finding the “perfect piece” led me down the woodworking path – if I couldn’t find it, I’d build it myself!

As I looked around our updated home & admired the handiwork, panic started to set it. “Now what??” And then it hit me – why not do something I have a passion for every day?? I knew I had found my niche & wanted to help other’s develop their spaces. I dove headfirst into home staging, interior design and woodworking courses & haven’t looked back.

Today, BVH has styled properties, created custom interiors & fashioned furniture pieces in homes across the plains in northern Alberta.