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I heart Kreg

I heart Kreg…& not just a little bit! Anyone out there who has the pleasure of owning a Kreg Jig certainly feels the same way – I guarantee it! This simple tool has helped me build eye-catching furniture and decorative pieces not only for myself, but various homes & offices as well. Aside from my drill & mitre saw I’d say it’s one of my favorite (& most appreciated) tools in my shop. My relationship with Kreg began about 3 and a half years ago when my hubby surprised me with the K5 at Christmas. Up until that point I had dabbled in woodworking - dipping my toes into the water before jumping off the dock if you will. Kreg Tools opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities, with simple solutions that have paved the way for thousands of DIYer’s, and I’ve never really looked back. Ever since that fateful day, my dates with Kreg have been getting more and more frequent, going for a quickie at every opportunity. Hitting the shop for a speedy bat house or settling in for a long slow, media console. When Kreg and I get going, you can’t really say what might come out of the shop. I started out with smaller projects, like floating shelves & wine racks but as my confidence grew so did the extent of my ventures. Working my way up to larger pieces which include desks, bed frames & complete sets of patio furniture! To me, there is no better feeling than taking a pile of plain ole lumberyard boards & turning them into something beautiful & useful. The magic of the Kreg Jig is it allows you to build just about anything your mind can dream up. Screws are hidden within the piece of furniture, which allows for a more professional looking piece. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate rusty nails and exposed screws, but some spaces deserve a bit more sophistication. If you’re considering taking the plunge into the vast world of DIY & woodworking, definitely keep Kreg in mind.

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